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Tailor-made Holidays
Tailor Made holidays to Sri Lanka and Maldives with Polanka Travel.

Tailor made holidays are crafted and designed especially for you!

You are an individual and you know what you want and what you like. You want to travel according to your own preferences and ideas, and not fit in with others, or travel in organised packages. The perfect solution is to have holidays created for you by people who have knowledge of the place and can cater to your special requests. The ideal holiday for you.

It is a well-known fact that clothes that have been tailor-made for you by an experienced tailor will fit you perfectly, even better than the best designer clothes. A hand-cut suit is synonymous with luxury, elegance and good taste. The same applies to travel and holidays.

No two ways about it: a holiday that has been especially planned for a client according to his instructions, preferences and needs will be better than the one bought from pre-made holiday packages from other travel agencies – even prestigious travel packages were designed for mass tourism. Why not have one tailor-made for you. It is your holiday and it has to be perfect.

Polanka Travel will design the holiday of your life. We will tailor it according to your preferences. Sri Lanka has hundreds of attractions, but because we know the place inside out, we will always find the best solutions and those that meet your needs.

It's as simple as this: tell us what you like and what you do not like to do on your holidays and we will do the rest! Tell us how you’d like to feel and let us inspire you with our suggestions. Your perfect tailor made holidays.

We are here for you and we care enough to do our best.
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